All components of a bicycle (frame, wheels, cranks, handlebars, chain, tires etc.) have a useful life cycle, which depends on many factors such as: the technology and materials used, the weight and power of the cyclist, care and maintenance, how much, how and where they are used, the use of aggressive cleaners, external factors such as strokes, crushing or falls.
Components are subject to a normal or surface usage, but also a type of usage called fatigue of materials, which consists of a gradual separation of the molecular structure that initially looks like a micro-fracture almost invisible and grows over time up to weaken the component, to the point that it collapses suddenly when the fracture has become big enough. The fatigue initially is barely visible and therefore more insidious; to reduce the risk of suffering an accident, you must monitor the usage and recognize any signs of fatigue before it can cause an instant failure.
Any product that is used or has lost its structural integrity or that shows damage or signs of fatigue, it must be replaced immediately, to reduce the chance of suffering an accident that may cause serious injury.



Our products are designed and intended for use purely citizen with road with smooth surface. The bicycle usage involves risk anyway and factors such as poor maintenance, the omission of frequent inspections, poor visibility, darkness or rain can greatly increase these risks. Proper maintenance, frequent inspection, the use of the headband, high visibility clothing, lights, mirrors, alarm and a cautious driving help to reduce these risks, but did not completely eliminate them.
Our frames are built to withstand continuous stresses of an urban setting, however an improper use of the bike, and a request for greater stress due to continuous hits could lead to a deterioration in the same. We don’t recommend a constant exposure to the elements as this may cause the malfunction or the deterioration of the frame. Periodically check that there are no problems or cracks in the connections.

Our wooden Handlebars are designed and created for a purely urban and not competitive use. Proper maintenance and use of the product will prolong its lifespan. We ensure the proper functioning of our wooden handlebars even when they are in contact with a moderate amount of water but we strongly advise against the continued exposure to the weather. Make sure regularly that the handlebars are fixed by the proper tension to the pipe, ensuring the tightness of screws or fastening of screws. Improper positioning or fixing may cause a detachment of the handlebar from the pipe or a wrong move during the use.

Our Clutch Bags are designed and created for a purely urban usage. Although equipped with waterproof treatments cannot be guaranteed water resistance, and therefore expose them for long periods to the elements. Before the bike use customer have to make sure that the bag lies perfectly on the down tube so that the bottom magnet exerts its force of attraction and to check that the fastening clips are securely tightened. We recommend customer doesn’t charge the Clutch Bag with excessive weight that could affect stability. For maintenance please refer to the instruction manual with which the product is supplied.



All products purchased from scattoitaliano.it or from authorized dealers are warranted for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase, for which by the date of the invoice with the product is accompanied at the time of delivery. The warranty covers manufacturing defects of manufacturing, of production or abnormalities found in materials used for the manufacture of products.

Exclusions from the warranty:

    1. products without a receipt of purchase (receipt or invoice)
    2. products not purchased from an authorized retailer or through the online shop of scattoitaliano.it
    3. products whose identification codes have been removed, altered, defaced or rendered illegible (frames and bikes)
    4. normal usage (including fatigue)
    5. damages caused by abuse or improper use, incorrect assembly, incorrect or insufficient maintenance, accidents, shocks, corrosion, the use of aggressive cleaners, use with incompatible products, from repairs not done correctly, and more generally all there which does not constitute a defect in materials or workmanship
    6. products reached the natural end of their useful life, such as tires, saddles etc..
    7. the effects of exposure to UV radiation (fading, yellowing)
    8. the effects of saline environment
    9. painted products again (also partly)
    10. products used commercially or for competitions
    11. products which have undergone any change
    12. shipping damage (responsible for the carrier)
    13. aesthetic defects that were easily detectable when purchasing the product

Product returns will not extend nor shall suspend the period of the warranty period.This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective product.
Frame, components and accessories which are recognized defected from Scatto Italiano in terms of this warranty will be repaired or replaced, at the discretion of Scatto Italiano, free of charge. In case of unavailability of the original product, the replacement shall be effected with a similar product of equivalent value. To receive warranty service, customer have to send the request to info@scattoitaliano.it  trying to describe the problem experienced, including supporting photographs, all in order to speed up and help the staff of Scatto italiano to understand the magnitude of the defect and identify the most appropriate solution.

In case you need replacement parts or products having defects, these should be sent to Scatto Italiano with original packaging where present, any user manuals and any accessories inside the box. Shipping costs are charged to the customer.

This warranty is the only one with value between the parties and supersedes and excludes any obligation and responsibility of Scatto Italiano for any direct or indirect damages. Please note that any return of goods, right of withdrawal or for product compliance issues, must be previously authorized by Scatto Italiano.



Scatto Italiano is not liable for damages of any kind, direct or indirect damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss or damage to property and claims of third parties arising from the use of this site. Our liability in connection with the products purchased through this site is strictly limited to the purchase price of the product. Although we strive to operate as precisely as possible, we might however inadvertently incur in inaccuracies or technical inaccuracies or errors of fact and/or typeface.

Scatto Italiano does not guarantee that the information contained in this website are in compliance with each country’s jurisdiction or that the products displayed on the site are permitted for sale in all jurisdictions. Road use of bicycles is subject to local laws, codes and regulations: bicycles Scatto Italiano may require adjustments to more than the original configuration to suit them (for example: brakes; lights; acoustic signaling mechanisms). Scatto Italiano assumes no responsibility if the brakes, lights, acoustic signaling mechanisms don’t comply with local regulations in force.

Scatto Italiano doesn’t accept any liability for damage to third parties, people, animals, things, due to improper use, irresponsible, thoughtless, careless use of the bicycle. Theft, loss, damage or accidental breakage of the bicycle are not eligible for any replacement.



Scatto Italiano reserves the right to cancel or modify this policy at any time without notice.