Conquering the Dolomites!

Our homage on two wheels to the spirit of freedom and adventure that fills the air in this enchanting mountain range.


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The One Dolomiti is born from our shared passion for the cycling world with Günther, a cyclist at heart and owner of the Linder Cycling Hotel nestled in the beauty of Selva di Val Gardena, the last village in the valley, closest to the legendary Dolomites.


This unique bicycle is inspired by the captivating beauty of this mountain range, its ever-changing spirit, and the pristine, wild character that defines it.


In designing The One Dolomiti, a joint endeavor with Günther, we aimed to preserve the original DNA of Scatto Italiano bicycles, with their subtly retro flavor. Simultaneously, we also sought to infuse a more sporty and spirited essence, equipping the setup with a 10-speed Campagnolo rear derailleur. Succumbing to nostalgia, we included the gear shift levers on the top tube, paying homage to the iconic bicycles once ridden by cycling legends.

And it is precisely on the two main tubes, horizontal and sloping, that The One Dolomiti's graphics come to life, creating a play of shots and pursuits inspired by the jagged design of the peaks of varying heights that make up the Dolomites, succeeding one another.

Nature is indeed the dominant element in the entire graphics designed for The One Dolomiti, with colors such as Galaxy Blue, Snow White, and Enrosadira Rock inspired by the three fundamental elements of the Selva di Val Gardena landscape.

Galaxy Blue draws inspiration from the enchanting starry skies of Selva di Val Gardena, silent and enveloping, far from the hustle of cities and their light pollution.
Snow White is a tribute to the ethereal and fleeting beauty of the Peaks of Val Gardena when snow paints them white, imbuing them with their purest magic.
Enrosadira Rock was created by studying a special pigmentation capable of reproducing, while pedaling under changing light conditions, the Enrosadira phenomenon by which dolomite, the rock composing the Dolomites, lights up with colors ranging from yellow, pink, red to purple, transforming in all these facets from dawn to sunset.

Always striving to preserve a pure and authentic DNA, we wanted to include in The One Dolomiti’s configuration the first Scatto Italiano product: the Café Racer handlebar, paired with the Aria fender, both crafted from American Walnut wood. To complement an aesthetic with warm and subtly retro tones, we opted for Gravel Cinturato Pirelli tires with brown sidewalls, a Brooks England leather saddle left in its natural color, and the Scatto Italiano rear light whose design is inspired by the world of 1950s Cadillacs.


In a contrasting move, to infuse The One Dolomiti with a more athletic soul, we opted for high-profile black anodized H Plus Son rims, paired with spokes and nipples in the same coloration.

While the graphic configuration of this Special Edition has been predefined, we aimed to celebrate the concept of Uniqueness by offering the customization of specific elements tailored to each individual owner.

Every frame will undoubtedly be custom-made. The One Dolomiti No. 1/30, for example, has been precisely crafted based on Günther's biometric measurements. It proudly displays, soldered beneath the bottom bracket, a brass plate engraved with his initials and the serial number 1/30.

The study of the Monogram, painted on the frame, will depict the initials of its owner or those of the people closest to them. In the case of The One Dolomiti No. 1/30, we composed it with the initials M.L.A., just as we designed the engraving using pantography that reflects the year when the Linder Cycling Hotel was founded: 1964.

For each bike in The One service, we design a customized graphic, truly starting from a blank canvas in the planning. In the case of this Special Edition, the element of Uniqueness will not be overlooked. For every The One Dolomiti, the monogram, engravings, and frame will be individually tailored.


The One Dolomiti is a tribute to the sense of freedom and adventure that pervades the Dolomites, as well as a celebration of craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Bike Configuration

Frame in ultralight Columbus steel hand-welded in Italy using microfuse joints and a high-silver content alloy; track geometry; graphic design carried out using the ancient technique of paint masks; Café Racer handlebar and Aria fender by Scatto Italiano; Brooks leather saddle; Campagnolo Veloce 10-speed derailleur; Dia-Compe shift lever mounted on the top tube; Campagnolo Centaur front and rear brakes.


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