Made to Order

We create what doesn't exist yet. Whether it is a bicycle with endless details or a product completely designed for you, there is no limit to what you can ask for. We will design all your requests in keeping with the original Scatto Italiano style.

Our art at your service.

Our task is to guarantee the uniqueness of the realizations, so we put at your disposal all our creative innovation, combined with a cutting-edge technology and artisan tradition. You don't simply buy a Made To Order product, you commission it. It is a work designed and made exclusively for you: whatever your vision is, our job will be to make it a reality.


Everything is possible in the world of Made To Order, your requests are our inspiration and guide. The product that we’ll create together will highlight your personality and will represent exclusivity at a top level.

It all starts from the inspiration that turns into an idea, that becomes a project and later a product, a work. Inspiration is everywhere: in nature, in everyday life, in memories, wherever you can place your imagination. It is enough to know how to recognize it, understand it and develop it, but this is our job.
Our designers team will work with you to create your distinctive project. Through detailed drawings, computer-generated projects and ultra-realistic renderings, we will give life to your idea of perfection.
Each Made To Order project is a mix of advanced technology and manual skill. The cold precision of the machinery is fired up by the warmth of the hands of our craftsmen, selected as experts in specific material and technical fields. Each Made To Order product has the taste of discovery and is enveloped in the magic of being unique.
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We love to challenge and be challenged, for this research and innovation are the two key elements of our action. Taking advantage of the maximum experience of embroidery, sewing and leather specialists, the Made to Order products offer the utmost care for details and a legendary final quality. We experiment with new techniques, we test new abilities all for one purpose: to create for you a unique specimen of perfection.

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The moment when craft and design come together is what distinguishes Made to Order products, realized in wood by expert and skilled hands. The wood remains alive long after felling the tree, preserving all its beauty. In every Scatto Italiano product we keep all this beauty by working the pieces of wood to enhance each grain and particularity.



Perfection means details. This is why we dedicate our utmost efforts to identifying the perfect workmanship, exploring and deepening the most innovative production processes, always paying attention to the analysis of the latest generation materials. Those who choose Scatto Italiano expect something special and we never want to disappoint them.



We want to give life to your idea of perfection, so we have evolved the concept of bespoke. Our knowledge of new textile techniques such as ultrasonic assembly, heat sealing, textile welding and laser cutting, combined with the talent of our artisans, allows us to create your own unique garment. A bespoke piece conceived and made with and for you.

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Exclusivity has a name: Made To Order. An incomparable link between the latest generation techniques, the manual sensitivity of the Scatto Italiano artisans and an unlimited design thought, this is our Made to Order story.
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