Female Frame

La Dolce Vita '60

Zehus Bike+ All in One assisted pedal hub with 7 modes of use

250 W engine power, energy recovery braking (Kers)

City geometry frame welded and hand painted in Italy


Size guide

*Your frame will be entirely handmade, just for you. This will take 30 days of work, passion, care and love.

Choose the accessories

We’re here for you. Ask us for help: info@scattoitaliano.it

Ideal for long journeys. We chose the Zehus Bike+ All In One hub with 7 power modes. The Bike+ mode of the dedicated app analyzes your pedaling and continuously changes the engine map to keep the battery always charged, with the help of the slope sensor, the Kers and the four-sensor system. Zehus Bike+ All In One decreases your physical effort up to 40% on an urban journey. Double brake and handlebar with Torino fold. City geometry frame, Brooks Swift Chrome leather saddle with hand-hammered copper rivets.

We designed and produced La Dolce Vita ’58 entirely in Italy, thanks to our artisans’ skills. Each steel frame is branded Scatto Italiano and welded by hand, as well as the painting, using the historical technique of painting masks. The lacing of the wheels is also handmade. We do everything just as once, with the same passion and care.

Make it hyper-equipped. GPS will help you keep your bike safe. The rear and front light set will help you get noticed when you need it most. You can carry everything you want with you, with the front and rear luggage racks. We thought of everything.

  • Movement

    Freewheel with electric engine

  • Hub gear

    Zehus Bike+ All In One with 7 modes of use, 250 W engine power, braking for energy recovery (Kers)
    No leverage or external cables. Dedicated app and electronic lock system.

  • Crankset

    46 aluminium teeth

  • Chain Cover

    Chromed carter

  • Frame geometry

    City, customized steel Scatto Italiano, hand-welded in Italy

  • Painting

    Hand-made in Italy, using the technique of painting masks

  • Braking system

    Front and rear caliper

  • Handlebar

    52,5 cm wide Torino fold

  • Saddle

    Brooks Swift Chrome leather saddle with hand-hammered copper rivets

  • Wheels

    Hand-made lacing in Italy

  • GPS antitheft tracker

    Sherlock system

  • Set of lights

    Front and rear LED lights

  • Front luggage rack

    Load capacity of 20 kg