Saddlebag / Tool bag


Saddlebag / Tool bag in partnership with Borse Bici Resnati

1 bicycle mode (saddle fork attachment)

1 personal mode (by hand)

100% Made in Italy. 100% Handcrafted.

Dimensions: 10x18x7 cm


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100% Made in Italy. 100 % made with love. Pocket is made with the finest tanned leathers, processed to maintain a high degree of flexibility over time and resistance to all atmospheric agents, even the most aggressive ones related to the marine environment. The production process is completely artisanal, made with ancient manual techniques and a lot of passion by Alessandro, the third generation of the family atelier BBR Borsa Bici Resnati, founded in Monza by his grandfather Angelo and his brother Giovanni.

Pocket is the “universal” saddlebag applicable to any saddle equipped with forks. It adapts to every need and is suitable for city as well as for technical use on mixed routes and dirt tracks. It can be used as a bike tool bag during the race or for the transport of personal belongings in a city or metropolitan context (gravel and fixed bikes).

Water resistant thanks to an internal membrane, the water repellent treatment made on the leather and the YKK coated zipper. The internal membrane will separate the objects from the external surface exposed to atmospheric agents, completely preserving them and always keeping them dry and protected. In case of prolonged exposure to water, the external leather will inevitably absorb a percentage of damp, but it will be enough to let it dry naturally, clean it of water and dirt, and then treat it with Leather Hydra Nutrition from the Voyage Maintenance Kit

  • Materials

    Smooth full grain cowhide leather
    YKK coated zipper
    Made in Italy nickel-plated corrosion-resistant attachment points and small metal parts

  • Dimensions

    10x18x7 cm

  • Weight

    115 gr approximately

  • Volume

    1 liter

  • Standard equipment

    Storage bag

  • Water resistant

    Waterproof inner shell + water repellent treatment of the leather + YKK coated zipper + Made in Italy nickel-plated metal small parts