Wooden fenders

Fender Aria

100% American Walnut

Length: 35 cm, width: 3,54 cm

Milling length: 7 cm

Suitable for covers: from 26 to 29 inches


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We took care of every design detail, to create the perfect fender for you and your bicycle. We reserved particular attention to the study and definition of protective treatments applied to wood, to shield it completely from external atmospheric agents. Specifically, we used a waterproof wax for the inner surface of the fender, close to the tire, to create a barrier for water, mud and dust. For the external surface we used a mix of protective oils, perfect for preserving the natural color of the wood from UV rays.

Each Scatto Italiano fender is a unique piece, a tangible symbol of skilled hands and care of every little detail, from the fire branded logo, a real seal of warranty, to the use of very specific protective treatments.

We designed the fenders to ensure compatibility to most models of frames and bicycles on the market. The perfect mix of craft techniques and CAD / CAM systems guarantees an impeccable level of formal and productive precision. The reduced length allows the fenders  to be easily installed on the caliper brake hole without any additional holes on the frame.

* Compatibility is guaranteed with frames with a distance of 2 cm or more between the head of the fork / rear bridge and the wheel.

  • Materials

    100% American Walnut

  • Fender size

    Length: 35 cm, width: 3,54 cm

  • Milling length for brake

    Milling length: 7 cm

  • Weight

    42 gr for each fender