Bicycle Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

Kit Lumière

Kit Lumière is the kit for cleaning, polishing and maintenance of the bicycle. Inside there are 8 products studied and produced in Italy: a highly cleansing product combined with a microfibre cloth, an extra polishing wax also combined with its microfibre cloth, a product for cleaning, polishing and removing scratches from metal parts combined with sponge and leather cloth and a waterproofing oil and chain lubricant. You have everything you need to take care of every part of your bike.


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The Kit Lumière has inside 3 products studied and produced in Italy to clean and polish every part of your bicycle. Bicycle multicleaner has an exclusive dry formulation with synthetic waxes that allows you to wash your entire bike without water, with anti-rain, anti-dirt and anti-fingerprint properties. Frame Last Touch is a liquid wax rich in precious carnauba able to intensify the color and brilliance of the frame, giving a silky tactile effect and long-lasting protection to every surface of the bicycle in complete safety. Metal Bright Forever is specifically designed to clean, polish, renew and remove small scratches and light oxidations from chrome, steel, brass and alloys, protecting them from corrosion and UVA rays.

The Kit Lumière has also the Chain Oil Lubricant, with a specifically designed formula that waterproofs and lubricates the chain from atmospheric agents such as humidity, mud and extreme situations.

  • Bicycle Multicleaner

    Anti-rain, anti-dirt and anti-fingerprint dry cleaner.

  • Xtra Brillance microfiber cloth

    Cloth with a high absorption capacity and high polishing properties.

  • Frame Last Touch

    Liquid polishing and protective wax for every surface of the bicycle.a.

  • Xtra Brillance microfiber cloth

    Cloth with a high absorption capacity and high polishing properties.

  • Metal Bright Forever

    Protective polish for chrome, steel, brass and alloys.

  • Sponge / Rubber

    A mix of sponge and rubber, able to deeply penetrate the surfaces eliminating any stain and dirt.

  • Extra Dry leather cloth

    Cloth able to extract the dirt and at the same time to rinse without leaving marks.

  • Chain Oil Lubricant

    Waterproofing and lubricating oil for extreme situations.