Leather and Wood Care Kit

Kit Voyage

The Kit Voyage is the kit for cleaning and nourishing the leather and wood parts of the bicycle. Inside you will find 4 products studied and produced in Italy: a cream with anti UVA agents and high nutritional power which, combined with its sponge, is able to restore tone and shine to all skin types (even those that are already dry and chapped); this natural oil with linseed, with the microfibre cloth, is able to cleanse, nourish and protect wooden surfaces from ultraviolet rays, rain and weather, making the handlebar antistatic and water repellent. You have everything you need to take care of the natural materials of your bicycle.


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The Kit Voyage is a kit totally designed to help you take care of the natural materials of your bicycle. Leather Hydra Nutrition is a product with high nutritional power, also suitable for restoring tone and shine to dry and chapped skin over time. Thanks to the active anti-aging agents for new skins, it is a real investment against daily wear as it maintains the original elasticity of the skin. Wood Protection Oil cleanses, nourishes and protects the wooden parts of your bicycle, maintaining the natural appearance of the wood. Its special natural formula with linseed oil makes the wood antistatic and water repellent, protecting it from ultraviolet rays, rain and weather.

  • Leather Hydra Nutrition

    Anti-UVA nourishing cream for all types of smooth skin.

  • Sponge

    High density sponge disk.

  • Wood Protection Oil

    Oil for all types of wood, detergent, nourishing, protective and water repellent.

  • Xtra Brillance microfiber cloth

    Cloth with a high absorption capacity and high polishing properties.