Clutch Bag/iPad Case/ Bike Bag


Clutch Bag double use: fashion accessory/bike bag

Clutch Bag dimensions: 30x25x5 cm

2 inside pockets, 2 external leather pockets

Suitable to contain all generations of iPad (excluding the iPad Pro 12.9”)


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You can attach it to the frame or you can wear it as a fashion accessory. Only two elements: Clutch Bag and leather belt. The hookup is very simple thanks to the push buttons on the belt and inside the Clutch Bag, that allow you to set it according to the size of your frame. The magnet sewn on the bottom guarantees a perfect fit of the bag to the oblique tube of the frame. No bag in the World has a magnetic hookup like this. That’s why we patented it!

Leather and Padded Jacquard fabric. We chose the half calf leather stained in barrel because it is resistant but also thin and refined. And we have subjected it to treatments of color fastness to water drop, lamplight, scraping, bending, rubbing and perspiring. The fabric has a unique texture in the world, and we have sewn it together with a high-density MTP to protect all the objects you care for. The water repellent treatment will keep them safe in all conditions.

100% handmade. 100% Made in Italy. In order to create an extremely innovative bag, we developed a completely new production system. We planned each step by entrusting the realization to the hands of our team of skilled artisans. Design complexity imposes processes executed by hand. In no other way can it be realized.

  • Components

    Clutch Bag and leather belt

  • Clutch Bag dimension

    30x25x5 cm

  • Weight

    410 gr

  • Materials

    Leather (half calf) and fabric (polyester)

  • Forza del magnete

    4 kg on 24 cm in length