Wooden handlebar

Café Racer Handlebar

100% American Walnut without metal core

Handlebar length: 46 cm, diameter: 2,54 cm

Milling length for handle: 14 cm


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Extremely resistance to deformation thanks to the lamellar processing of wood, but also ultra-lightness because no metal core. With a length of 46 cm and a diameter of 2,54 cm it has a weight of 146 gr. It won’t take off in the event of a fall, the lamellar processing and the use of high performance adhesives don’t create splinters in case of accidents.

A 14 cm handle offers an incomparable comfort thanks to special milling at the ends. The 46 cm length of the Café Racer allows you to take distant hands and relaxed posture. The use of latest-generation CAD/CAM machinery guarantees impeccably perfect shape and tolerances. We chose the American Walnut to give you a solid and pleasant grip both in winter and in summer.

100% handmade. 100% Made in Italy. Each handlebar is a unique piece because we choose the chocolate-colored strips one by one, to be mixed with the vanilla-colored ones of the American Walnut. Without metal core, it absorbs all vibrations returned by the city asphalt. As a seal of warranty, we brand each Barra handlebar with the Scatto Italiano logo. Strictly one by one and naturally by hand.

  • Materials

    100% American walnut

  • Handlebar dimension

    Length: 46 cm, diameter: 2,54 cm

  • Handle size

    Milling length: 14 cm

  • Weight

    146 gr