Scatto Italiano is our life project. Our minds, the hands of our artisans, to create the perfect project every time. Our artisans are our second family. Their invaluable experience makes our ideas concrete. Our ideas innovate the tradition creating every time what has never been done. This magic happens since 2013.

“Our talent is to know how to dream and to communicate values through our collections.”


We believe in the value of care that our craftsmen put in place when they carry out the idea we submit to them. We believe in the care we put into all our projects: from the idea to when everything is in place as in a creative puzzle: then there is the project, the product. For us, taking care means having respect and seeking a new humanism, in a world where everything is quickly enjoyed.


We believe in the value of Beauty as a means of telling another value to which we care a lot: Difference. The uniqueness that lies behind tailor-made projects, the uniqueness of the manual work of the people who carry out all our products by hand, the uniqueness of the ideas behind each single product, allows us to be proud spokespersons for the concept of Difference. For us it is a value to always praise, and especially today, in a world where this value is often trampled.


The importance of Memory. We grew up in three small towns in Puglia, breathing the craftsmanship of the village shops. Pietro's grandfather had a carpentry and his childhood memories are those of shavings, the sweet smell of wood. The games are those self-produced with nails and hammer, like those that Giuseppe's father, an engineer and painter, built with him in the small workshop set up at home. Lucrezia's memories are those related to her mother's knitting workshop, the noise of weaving machines, the chaos created by threads and pins scattered everywhere. With her, she invented and sewed clothes for his dolls. With our projects, we want to take you back to when we were kids and instill you the respect we have for art of know-how, with which we have grown. We want to infuse the strength of ingenuity that our parents and grandparents had in doing so much with so little.


We respect the Time. And that's why it's one of our core values. There is no quicker way to produce our frames by hand, there is no quicker way to paint them using layer-by-layer painting masks, strictly by hand. Taking care means taking the necessary time to respect what you are doing. With our products we want to create this kind of reflections, emotions, we want to communicate the importance of spending time in an era where everything is designed to save time anyway.


How it all began.

We are three designers in love with the core of Italy, made up of small family-run artisan companies, those realities that created Italy day by day, putting extraordinary care and love into their work.
Driven by the desire to give a new voice to the Made in Italy, “made as it once was”, and moved by a common passion for the bicycle world, in 2013 we founded Scatto Italiano, a dream of life.


The search for the best artisans.

The world manufacturing cycling history has its roots in our country, so we have traveled far and wide looking for our family of artisans. And we keep doing it for every new project. Every idea is born in our minds, then on paper, and only later with 3D models and renderings. We always make prototypes because it is essential for us to dimension the idea under our fingers and create our perfect design. We go to our craftsmen with all this and with them we give life to the magic of the final project.

Antonio, frame maker. Forty years of experience, third generation.

Luigi, frame maker. Forty years of experience.


Antonio, Luigi, Giovanni, Elena, Cristian, Silvano, Massimo, Nicola... we chose them for their history, for their manual skills trained since they were children. In their workshops, in their laboratories you can breathe the smell of wood shavings and paints. Their hands are beautiful to look at because every sign, every imperfection speaks of the magic of know-how, handed down from generation to generation.

Giovanni, wood craftsman. Seventy years of experience, second generation.

More than 600 years of history. It is the total if we calculate the experience of the generations behind our products. Love and passion for our work is what unites us with our artisans. Our obsession with details is what makes us get the perfect project every time we face a new challenge. For us, each project must be pure materialization of our original design and our way of making things, by hand, taking care of them.

Cristian, painter. Thirty years of experience, second generation.

Elena, painter. Twenty years of experience, second generation.


We are three designers and for this reason we know very well the importance of the possibilities that the use of high precision machinery can give. In the products we make, digital manufacturing solutions often coexist with those deriving from the most rooted tradition. Working with the use of pantographs, lasers, numerical control machines, 3D printers are mixed by hand processing of steel, wood, leather, manual application of painting masks. It's what we like to do the most: keep the tradition innovating.

Silvano, engraver. Forty years of experience.

There are no limits to what we can achieve. It is what animates us every day. There is never a challenge equal to the other, never a project equal to the other. Love for our profession is what we put into everything we design. The ultimate goal is to bring you to the moment when all this mix of memories, ideas and intuitions comes to life in our mind, and the emotion is incredible. It's like composing a symphony, everything takes hold and finds its perfect place, incredibly, as if it were all already written.


Coincidences and connections.

Connections: Pietro and Giuseppe have been friends since high school and both decide to study industrial design at the Polytechnic of Bari. Coincidences: after graduation they both find themselves working in Milan and in their free time they decide to develop a common passion for the world of cycling, designing bike handlebars and shortly afterwards the first line of Scatto Italiano bikes. Coincidences: Lucrezia contacts Pietro, with whom she had a post-graduate degree at the Polytechnic of Milan, to involve him in a project on hydroponic cultivation in the metropolis. Connections: Pietro, knowing Lucrezia's skills in the textile field, asks her to design a bike bag in view of the official debut on the market in 2014. It is with this alternation of coincidences and connections that Scatto Italiano was born.

The handlebars are the first official Scatto Italiano project. And it is precisely from here that the idea of designing and producing frames able to accommodate and reflect the same type of completely artisanal manufacture inherent in the handlebars comes to life. From the start, thinking about the ideal bicycle on which we could assemble the designed handlebars, we realize that in the bicycle market the value of Made in Italy and the handmade product is almost totally lost. What made Scatto Italiano evolve into what it is today was a real design requirement.

Right from the start the emphasis was placed on the value of difference and through the creation of a configurator we wanted to communicate that through the site it was already possible to discover own taste and idea of beauty, by configuring own favorite bike among 200,000 possible combinations. All strictly handmade and equipped with the best components on the market. The attention to design has always been well fixed on our four values: difference, care, time and memory.

The design of the Clutch Bag starts from the concept of an object tied to the frame, but not necessarily bound to it. We wanted to create a bag as a fashion accessory, easily hooked and unhooked from the frame, as large as possible and which best fit the hooking space among the tubes. In the magnetic hook, later patented, we find the solution at all these needs.

Right from the start it was realized that the Configurator served as a real aesthetic "game" of initial approach to the concept of customization. This becomes obvious when the phone starts ringing and customers express the desire to completely rely on the team of designers to design the bike of their dreams. The One service is born.

It is precisely from the service The One that another service is born: the Made to Order. Customers are starting to ask not only for bicycles but also for Scatto Italiano style projects applied to components, accessories and products to be used in combination with the bike of their dreams. There are no request limits. The ultimate goal is to give voice to the values we believe in, by making dreams come true, yours become ours.

La Dolce Vita is born from a reflection: the Scatto Italiano bicycles speak the language of the historic event of Giro d’Italia in geometries and in the setting of a very sporty driving, but they don’t speak of those people that watched them on TV. With La Dolce Vita we wanted to create a new language: a relaxed, classic driving style and a geometry of the city frame. La Dolce Vita wants to recall the carefree years of the economic boom in Italy, facts of beauty, desire to do, desire to get involved. These are the years in which the values on which Scatto Italiano bases its work every day come to life; La Dolce Vita is for us their material manifestation


There are no obstacles that we don’t overcome.

The Web plays a leading role in the history of Scatto Italiano, it is thanks to the web that we have never set geographical limits. We commit ourselves every day to make this clear to anyone who comes across Scatto Italiano, because in all these years of activity we have understood that it is possible to send our heart, our passion and our values to the other side of the world, whether it be to send a product or to manage a customized project. No matter where you are, we will reach you anywhere.

Come visit! Discover our Atelier.

In our Atelier in Via Gian Francesco Pizzi in Milan we will show you our collectible The One, our "Dolce Vita" and all our products. We will take care of you, listen to your desires, your habits, your tastes and we will share our know-how to satisfy your every request.