The One 94AM

The custom-made bicycle inspired by the "Queen of Rally".

The One

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The livery of The One 94AM carries a rich history, belonging to a car that has unquestionably become an icon of style. Its owner, Antonio, approached us with the idea of creating this unique The One, effectively transforming this bicycle into a two-wheeled embodiment of his legendary four-wheeler.


This bespoke design is born from a genuine dream, and The One 94AM narrates a story steeped in profound passion, unwavering sporting dedication, and memories from a young adulthood spent fantasizing about owning the ‘Queen of Rally.’ Originally crafted to compete in the World Rally Championship, where it participated from 1988 to 1993, securing 5 constructor’s world titles and 35 victories, it has transcended to become a veritable status symbol, celebrated globally for its iconic logo and distinctive stripes.”

The original color combination has been faithfully retained: white, the dominant color in this setup, is intersected by a multi-stripe pattern along the sides. This pattern gradually expands towards the center, culminating in the formation of a complete circle. These circles, reminiscent of those seen on the sides of classic rally cars, have become iconic symbols of a bygone sporting era.

The famous multi-stripe design in blue, light blue, and red, with consistent width throughout, has been incorporated on the rear stays of The One, the front fork, and the crankset. This design pays homage to the visual aesthetics of vintage racing, perfectly echoing the iconic car.

In collaboration with Antonio, we made the heartfelt decision to engrave a number with profound personal significance: 94, representing the commencement of his highly successful entrepreneurial journey. This iconic number has been encapsulated within a circle, mirroring the emblematic circles that adorned the sides of classic sports cars during races.

The saddle and handlebar tape, designed with a pronounced racing flair, draw inspiration from the alcantara interiors of the 1992 edition, featuring a textured ‘teal’ finish with a micro-pattern. This particular edition of the “Rally Queen” was created to commemorate the sixth consecutive Constructors World Championship victory and was presented as a limited edition, with only 310 units manufactured.


To further celebrate this concept of uniqueness, as the ultimate seal of distinction, we decided to incorporate the owner’s initials “AM” through a painstaking, entirely hand-painted process.


Bike Configuration

Ultralight Columbus steel frame, handcrafted in Italy, meticulously welded using microfuse joints and a high silver content alloy; track geometry frame; graphic design achieved through the ancient technique of paint masking; Aria Scatto Italian walnut wood fender in black livery; Brooks Cambium saddle; free Wheel Paul Component Hub; dual pivot front Campagnolo brakes, Under Bottom Bracket Mount Rear Brake Caliper.