The One Blu: the bicycles inspired by the sea.

"Blu": the Scatto Italiano The One that comes from the sea to seduce the city.

Blu bicicletta_vista globale
The One

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The first purpose of The One Scatto Italiano tailor-made service is to make our customer happy. Every time it’s amazing to show the project. Lorenzo shouted: “WONDERFUL” and this is the greatest joy for us at Scatto Italiano.


Blue, white and sand are the three colors chosen for the design of this The One. It’s from here that everything comes to life!

“Blu” is inspired by the harmonic motion of the waves. Six shades of blue and a careful graphic design, make the illusion of the continuous motion of the sea waves that melt in the white, just as in the foam on the shore…


The One “Blu”. The call to the sea and the nautical universe is subtle and continuous. High-profile rims remember modern helm of ship; the American walnut of the fender and handlebar recalls the hull of historical boats which were once made of wood, which still today are synonymous with elegance and perfection.


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Dettaglio Iniziali verniciate a mano sul telaio

There are seven painting steps, carried out completely by hand using the ancient technique of painting masks, manually set up one by one thanks to a work of millimeter precision made by the skilled hands of the Scatto Italiano master craftsmen. We chose to equip The One Blu with two speeds, thanks to the gearbox integrated in the rear hub which is also a coaster brake, allowing to brake safely while preserving the formal cleanliness of the entire design.


Dettaglio telaio con pendine ribattute a mano

The choice of Moonlit Ocean blue as the prevailing color in the front of the frame, the B15 leather saddle and the black covers want to be a call to the energy and strength of the sea, inherent in its tumultuous nature.

Bike Configuration

Columbus steel frame, ultralight, hand welded in Italy, using micro-molded lugs and a high silver content alloy; track geometry; hand painting in Italy, using the technique with painting masks; Scatto Italiano Café Racer handlebar and Aria fender in wood with personalized finish; Brooks B15 saddle; Sturmey Archer S2 hub with integrated 2-speed coaster gearbox; front brake in CNC Paul Component.