The One Mediterraneo: an Iconic bike with wooden rims.

The One project realized exclusively for Artemest.

The One

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Mediterraneo: The Scatto Italiano designed for Artemest is inspired by the blue of the sea, the white of the sunny days, the earthy shades and some small touches of orange and red. Llike the warm colors of the sunset characterizes the handlebars, the leather saddle and the wood wheels. Mediterraneo is our tale of a sunny summer day.


A Sea Foam White line tapers towards the seatpost until it disappears completely into the Mediterranean Blue, just like the wake of a boat passing by. The two Sea Foam White bands on the rear stays and on the front fork are instead a connection with the vintage nature of the handlebar, the fenders, the wooden rims and the leather saddle .Mediterraneo enhances the city bike concept thanks to its extreme versatility. The simplicity of the bike handling is perfect for riding through the city environment, thanks to the freewheel pedaling system and the coaster brake system. The lightheartedness is guaranteed with Mediterraneo, like the beauty of the summer days that inspired this bike.


Mediterraneo-Bicicletta cerchi in legno-dettaglio manubrio in legno

Rims, handlebar and fenders of Mediterraneo are all handmade and entirely made of wood. They are the expression of the two souls of Innovation and Tradition, both mixed in this bike. The handlebar is extremely light, as well as the fenders, since they have no metal core. The beech wooden rims, with a carbon fiber core, have a unique elasticity and resistance to deformation. Mediterraneo is our tribute to the higest expression of craftsmanship.


Mediterraneo-Bicicletta cerchi in legno-dettaglio dettaglio manubrio in legno di noce americano
Bike Configuration

Columbus steel frame, ultralight, hand welded in Italy, using micro-molded lugs and a high silver content alloy; track geometry; hand painting in Italy, using the technique with painting masks; Wooden handlebar Café Racer; Brooks saddle; Coasterbrake hub; Wooden Rims Scatto Italiano with a carbon fiber core.