The One


The One. Your customized bicycle at every step.

Concept, design, and tailor-made production exclusively for you. Track geometry frame in ultralight Columbus steel, study of graphics and painting is only for you, components and details completely customized. A unique piece with your initials carved and welded on the frame, a completely handmade work, in every step. We are at your service to create the bike of your dreams.


How it all begins. Wherever you are.

In our Design Studio in Via Pizzi in Milan we’ll show you our collection The One. We’ll take care of you, we’ll listen to your wishes, your habits, your tastes, we will share our know-how to create with you the perfect The One. If you can’t come visit us, we will start to know each other through a questionnaire that will open the doors to your universe. There are no barrier for your The One.


No effort with your sartorial frame.

We study the geometry of the frame on your biometric measurements. Frame and body are one thing on your The One. A perfect definition of angles and proportions of the tubes allows an ideal distribution of the forces and balancing of the weight between the front and rear wheel. No effort while pedaling, the forces are optimized to the maximum, to let you concentrate on what you are experiencing. Enjoy the journey, just think about nothing.


Starting DNA: super light steel track frame.

The geometry of the frame is tailor made, the steel chosen is the Columbus. Each tube is cut by hand without machinery. The lugs are cast, not steel pressed. We don’t braze with brass but with a very high silver content alloy. Each frame has cataphorese treatment against corrosion, so you can carry it everywhere and pass it down from generation to generation. A The One frame is an eternal frame.


A hexagonal brass plate is welded to the cast bottom bracket. Its surface is inscribed with your initials, the serial number of the frame, the Scatto Italiano initials and those of the craftsman who created the frame for you. Your frame will be only yours.


The unique The One front panel declares to the world your unique and Made in Italy style. Handmade with pantograph, the front panel shows the words The One and the tricolour flag, painted strictly by hand.


The fork head and stems are curved to optimally cushion stresses and give the frame a high degree of mechanical strength as well as an elegant visual harmony.


We don’t use TIG welding because it directly melts the tubes of the frame, weakening them. We use lugs cast junctions with the braze welding method and a very high silver content alloy. This one penetrates by atomic diffusion in the intergranular structure of the pipes, creating a perfect fusion to dampen the vibrations. You’ll be free to go wherever you want.


Handmade engravings of the Scatto Italiano logo adorn the head of the fork as well as the two pendants, to give a high identity to the frame. The One recognizes itself in the details.


The brake bridge is handmade and arranged to be drilled if you want to install the rear brake or the mudguard at a later stage. We think about your future needs even before they become so.


The pendants, hand engraved with the Scatto Italiano logo, are cut transversely to have an elliptical plane able to support a perfect connection in the re-sealing by hand. All done by hand, just like back in date.


The rear dropouts have a horizontal orientation and allow the chain to reach the maximum by sliding the central axis of the wheel to the desired position. Special stainless steel slabs make it easier to attach/release the wheel, so your frame will be preserved km after km.



We chose Columbus steel because it is ultra-light. With just 1.7 kg of weight it is pure power for all routes you want to travel (* reference to size 55 for height 1,77/1,79 m).


Steel is immune to crash failure unlike composite materials. In case of a fall, you will immediately notice if the frame is damaged. Our frame The One will never have secrets for you.


Ideal for both urban routes and long distances, the steel frames have a very high fatigue endurance. Steel has a rigidity 3 times greater than aluminum and 2 times greater than titanium, so its ability to withstand deflection under strain is very high. Pedal without worries, your The One will go with you wherever you want.


Thanks to the anti-rust cataphorese treatment that we apply on all The One frames, we make our steel eternal. You can go wherever you want and pass your bike down from generation to generation. A The One frame is for life, and more.


You are unique, so you deserve a unique graphic project.

Your The One will be the bike of your dreams. Everything you tell us and also what you won’t but we’ll understand anyway, we’ll turn into precise decisions that will make your The One unique, just like you. Sketch designs will become 3D modeling and then ultra-realistic renderings. We'll introduce you to The One and it will be like looking at yourself in the mirror. Test us. We are ready to realize your dreams.


The dreams come true for those who decided to join The One club and want to share them with you. Each The One is the extension of the body of its owner. Mechanics and aesthetics are designed together to give the best. Take a look and let yourself be inspired. We make unique decisions to make unique bikes, just like you.

“I received the baby, it's fantastic!!! Thank you so much.”

Massimo, owner of a The One in Pakistan

“My Scatto Italiano is italian identiity, quality, passion, precision and creativity. Sorry, now I'm going to pumping my tires!”

Andrea, photographer, owner of a The One in Milan

"The first time I saw the project, I thought, "Okay, let's go! It must be mine!"

Ruggero, businessman, owner of a The One in Milan


The graphics are coloured through painting masks.

If the starting DNA of your The One is a track frame in hand-welded Columbus steel, even on the painting we chose a precise DNA: the historical technique of painting masks. We don’t use stickers, so the hands of our artisans, with decades of experience, give colour to the graphics designed specifically for you. It's a process that requires love and a lot of passion and it's just what your The One will be made of.

We will change your idea of colour.

More than 2800 colours, but we don’t stop here. Metallic paint, pearly, pastel, gilding, chrome, and if all this were not enough, we’ll create a custom colour, just for you. There are no obstacles we don’t overcome to make the bike of your dreams.

With the colour tinting system and with the spectrophotometer for colour reading, we can reproduce any type of colour, if you have an object you care about. If you don’t have it, we'll create a colour that represents your personality. We want to create for you a colour that will be only and only yours.

With the frame immersion in a series of special baths, we will make your The One frame stronger and lighter than ever before. Gilding and chroming are not just treatments, they blend with the surface of the frame, to make it even stronger against external agents and to let you identify yourself with a design without equal.

The deep and intense sharpness of the pastel paints makes the surfaces vivid and bright. The glossy finish of the last coating layer further enhances the shine effect. Your The One will have extraordinary sheens with infinite contrasts and brightnesses, depending on the light that hits it. Ready to attract some attention?

A heart made of metallic and mineral particles is blended with the paint to create iridescent plays of light. At night or during the day, the metallic and pearled paints of The One frames create mobile and iridescent reflections. We will not let you go unnoticed.

Sweet as silk but with a fighting soul. Our opaque paints are able to give a mysterious and elegant character to your The One. You will be fascinated by their sweetness to touch and look, but don’t let you be moved, they are stronger than you can imagine. Blinding without reflections is possible as well as being strong with sweetness.


Only the best components.

A precise mechanical sensation makes possible a great feeling of freedom. This is what happens when you ride a The One. The custom-made frame in Columbus steel is combined with the best ultralight components on the market. Your The One will be a pure extension of your body: that’s what we want. No mechanical noise, you will only hear the one of your heart.

We make unique your components.

Every The One project is unique, so there are no limits of workmanship or realization that can stop us in making unique your The One. Every time, we find the best craftsmen and the most suitable processing techniques. Don’t limit your imagination, we won’t do that.
Here there are some examples of what we can do.


We use permanent laser and manual engraving techniques, to make each processing unalterable, clear and well defined. We make everything tailor-made for you, nothing is already written.


Your The One has a graphic fil rouge that crosses it. From the frame to the components our painters never get back from creating the most elaborate and meticulous details. Our stories are made of lines and colors, we can’t wait to write yours.


We engrave the hard heart of steel with the pantograph, because your The One must be the mirror of your personality and of what you love. Whether it's a name, a number or anything else, our priority is to realize your desires. Tell us who you are, we will transcribe it on your bike.


Made as we did.

Our artisans are our family. Their inestimable knowledge makes concrete our ideas. The worldwide manufacturing history of cycling has its roots in our country, so we chose Italian artisans with decades of experience. We believe in tradition as an interpreter of the codes of our time and we want our The One as spokesman for it.

Antonio, frame builder. Forty years of experience, third generation.

Antonio, frame builder. Forty years of experience, third generation.

Antonio, frame builder.
10 working days for a The One frame.

Antonio represents the third generation of his family, active in the sector since 1947. Antonio makes every The One by hand, from the study of geometry to the cutting of tubes to the anti-rust cataphorese treatment.
Antonio has eyes and hands of a surgeon and seeing it weld is an unparalleled spectacle. He makes "invisible fusions".

Giovanni, carpenter. Seventy years of experience, second generation.

Antonio, carpenter.
2 working days for a The One wooden handlebars.

Antonio grew up in the lab next to his father Giovanni, a dear friend of the famous cyclist Bartali, for whom he produced handlebars and wooden rims. Giovanni itself has learned to work wood from his father who founded the historic laboratory in 1946. Behind The One's handlebars there are three generations of care, love and pure passion for wood.

Cristian, painter. Thirty years of experience, second generation.

Elena, painter. Twenty years of experience, second generation.

Cristian, painter. 15 working days for a three-colour painted The One.

Cristian and Elena have always breathed the smell of paint. Their father Corrado founded the laboratory in 1980.
Experience, passion and high precision are the values that each The One dresses. There’s a daily debate between them, to create the perfect painting masks. Each The One is surprisingly a new magic.

Silvano, engraver. Forty years of experience.

Silvano, engraver. 1 working day for a The One personalized engraving.

Silvano, 43 years of etchings. His hands are his caliber. We entrust to him what is dearest to you and which you wish to engrave on your The One. We chose Silvano for his sensitivity in touch and soul. His priority is to make indelible the things you care. We want to make visible your emotions.


A Tailor Made Gift Box.

For Him and for Her. The One Gift Box is a book to be written, and it will contain the dreams of the person you love. We aimed to craft a gift box that truly embodies the mastery of our skilled artisans. Hence, on the brass plate we will etch indelibly the initials of your loved one and the unique frame number of The One bicycle you are gifting. On the exclusive aluminum card, we will engrave your name as the sender of the gift and that of your beloved.
Your bond will be sealed for eternity.