The One Smile: designed by Alessandro Martorana.

Tailoring exclusivity and craftsmanship, all in one bike.


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The name The One “Smile” is a tribute to the sunny personality of Alessandro Martorana. The smile, combined with an enthusiastic and curious attitude in facing the challenge of designing a bicycle, was what struck us most about Alessandro, in addition to his suit of course!


The collaboration for the creation of The One Smile stems from a great respect towards the work of the Stylist and from the desire to design with Alessandro a bicycle that had the unmistakable elements of the line of bicycles The One Scatto Italiano, but which also was the portrait of the exclusive Alessandro Martorana style.


Each The One Smile is also, and especially, characterized by the uniqueness of each creation. And this is precisely the element that unites Scatto Italiano and Alessandro Martorana more than anything else: as for every The One Scatto Italiano bicycle, so for every Alessandro Martorana garment, each project is created only for the individual customer and never repeated the same. Each frame of The One Smile is made on the biometric measurements of the single customer.

There are five painting steps, carried out completely by hand using the ancient technique of painting masks, manually set up one by one thanks to a work of millimeter precision made by the skilled hands of the Scatto Italiano master craftsmen.
We chose to equip The One Smile with two speeds, thanks to the gearbox integrated in the rear hub which is also a coaster brake, allowing to brake safely while preserving the formal cleanliness of the entire design. But even this choice in The One Smile can be varied according to the usage needs of the individual client.

Three key concepts of Alessandro Martorana's stylistic mastery are all included in The One Smile: surprise, elegance and "timeless beauty".

Surprise: just like the jackets of Alessandro Martorana that hides in their internal lining their most extroverted and colorful character, so The One Smile is full of hidden paint details, visible only to a more attentive look and scrutinized only by observing the bicycle from certain points of view. Elegance: in the choice of three colors among the most classic ever, but revisited according to a game of contrasts and graphic "pursuits". "Timeless beauty": in the choice of natural materials such as the American walnut of the handlebars and fenders and of leather for the saddle, as well as in the choice of processes carried out according to the "old school", the one that made the history of tailoring and bicycles.

Bike Configuration

Columbus steel frame, ultralight, hand welded in Italy, using micro-molded lugs and a high silver content alloy; track geometry; hand painting in Italy, using the technique with painting masks; Scatto Italiano Café Racer handlebar and Aria fender in wood; Brooks B15 saddle; Sturmey Archer S2 hub with integrated 2-speed coaster gearbox; front brake in CNC Paul Component.