Aluminum hand pump with pressure gauge.

Frame Mini Pump

Suitable for valves: Presta/Sclaverand (SV) – Schrader/Auto (AV) 

Maximum pressure: 6.5 bar/100 Psi 

Set up for attachment on frame



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The Mini Pump, designed and produced by Mijnen Pieper, is customized with the American walnut wood handle by Scatto Italiano. Its particular output valve is suitable with any type of inner tube. Whether it’s a Presta/Sclaverand (SV) or Schrader/Auto (AV) one, you won’t have any compatibility issue. The Mijnen Pieper Mini Pump is equipped with a manometer that shows the pressure of the tire, up to a maximum of 6.5 Bar or 100 Psi. 


Thanks to the included aluminum support it is possible to fix the pump to the frame

  • Type of Valve

    Presta/Sclaverand (SV) - Schrader/Auto (AV)

  • Materials

    100% American Walnut handle,
    Body in Anodized Aluminum

  • Size

    Length: 35 cm, width: 3.54 cm

  • Weight

    182 g